White Gold And Platinum Jewelry

People usually get confuse between White Gold Jewelry And Platinum Jewelry.

Let’s talk about White Gold first

  • White Gold jewellery is a gold jewellery with higher percentage of alloys mixed with gold, which turns gold into white in colour, hence white gold is formed.
  • It is not completely white in colour.
  • It is less denser than platinum. Hence, Jewellery is lighter in weight.
  • With the passage of time, it losses its colour and need rhodium plating again to gain its colour back.



Now Comes the Platinum Jewellery.

  • Platinum is itself a metal which is white in colour.
  • It never loses its white colour with passage of time.
  • It is more denser than gold. Hence, Jewellery is heavier than weight.

Finally the prices! The base metal price of White Gold And Platinum Jewelry is almost same. However the difference exist with type of karat of gold jewellery.

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