Vishwas Jewellers Membership Club

Get DISCOUNT on Jewelry by Joining FREE Membership Club with Vishwas Jewellers. 
Lifetime Validity

Terms and Conditions for Vishwas Jewellers Membership Club:
1) Discounted amount can be used only for shopping with Vishwas Jewellers.
2) Discounted amount cannot be redeemed in form of cash.
3) Members will get 2% discount on amount paid excluding GST.
4) Members will get 0.5% discount on amount (new member paid) excluding GST for a reference and making new member.
5) Discounted amount will be credited in form of points to members account with Vishwas Jewellers.
6) Members can do shopping with discounted amount only at the stipulated time by Vishwas Jewellers.
7) Members will be notified about the time of shopping with discounted amount. Else balance will be carried forward to next year.
8) Vishwas Jewellers holds the right to cancel membership of any member at any time without any prior notice.
9) In case of any dispute, the decision of Vishwas Jewellers will be final.
10) No member will get benefit, if he/she buys product on credit and delays payment by seven days.
11) Gold or Silver bullion is not included. 
12) Vishwas Jewellers Membership Club is an initiative to promote Vishwas Jewellers.
13) Vishwas Jewellers holds the right to change terms and conditions at any time.