Karat and Carat | Difference Between Them

People usually get confused between these two words, KARAT and CARAT in terms of jewelry. In jewelry sector, we use these two words commonly. So, What is the real difference between KARAT and CARAT?

The word KARAT signifies the purity of Gold Metal. In total, there are 24 karats in the purest form of gold. Jewelers state the purity of an ornament in karats, which means the percentage of gold in an ornament. As the jewelry comes with different purity in order to make it more durable. Karats helps identify the gold percentage in an ornament. Government in every country sets certain standards. And the industry has to work under that standards. Likewise Indian government has also set certain karats, which can be hallmarked through certified laboratories. Karats permitted by govt. of India are: 22 kt, 18 kt, 14 kt.
Now comes the CARAT. It is a unit that signifies weight of diamond. Diamond carat is the apparent size of the diamond, One metric carat is further defined into 200 milligrams.

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