Jewelry Tarnish With Humidity

Most of your customer complaint us that silver turned to black even without wearing it. We always tell them, it is normal phenomenon. They ask us HOW? We answer them, jewelry tarnish with humidity is also possible.
Yes, humidity in air, is also responsible for turning silver into grayish black color. It is so because the silver metal soaks the humidity in air, which leads to silver into grayish black color.
Precaution: We always suggest two different ways in order to avoid this problem:

  1. Use Air Tight Polythene to store silver product, as it avoids direct contact with humidity. It is the best method. We, as jewelers, use this method to protect our jewelry. Hence, is the most recommended one.
  2. Use sticks of Chalk in the box where jewelry is stored, chalks soaks up moisture from air in box and can protect your jewelry to certain extend.

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