Impact Of Coronavirus On The World

In this article we will be looking on the impact of coronavirus in the economy and the world. Before digging into the subject of this discussion; let us first discuss what is coronavirus? And why has it become something very serious for the world?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from common cold to respiratory diseases. In severe cases, it may lead to death. Transmission of this virus from animals to human,  is not a common phenomenon. Now it has started transmitting between human, this is why, it has become a serious issue for the world. With the nature of transmitting between human, it is spreading at an alarming rate in the world.

Now comes the impact of Coronavirus on the economy and the world.

All the countries are too scared to invite foreigners in their country. Most of the countries has suspended the issued visas to foreigners and stopped their citizens to travel the world. It has severe impacts on the countries based on tourism industry. Countries have themselves into an isolated shell by stopping the trades with this virus infected countries, which has stopped the international trade to such an extent that most of the stock market has crashed.

Do we actually need to worry about the coronavirus?

According to Ministry of Health And Family Welfare of India as on 13.3.2020, total number of confirmed cases is 75 ( including Indian and foreign nationals), Number of cured cases is 3, Number of death is 1. Hence we can conclude that we can cure this disease with proper precautions and medications.

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