How to clean jewelry with Colgate Tooth-powder

Nobody ever wondered that the tooth-powder we use in everyday’s life to clean our teeth, can also be used to clean our silver jewelry. Yes, it is true. The COLGATE TOOTH-POWDER can be of great help to get shine of our ornament back.
The Process:

  1. Take small quantity of Colgate Tooth-powder on a soft cotton cloth.
  2. Rub the cotton cloth on the surface of ornament with Colgate tooth-powder on it.
  3. Ornament will be good to go.

This method works on ornaments with plain surface only.
It may not give desired results, if used on tooled surface.
This method helps best at the initial stage of grayish black of silver ornament, if the ornament has completely turned to black, most suggested way is to visit professional.


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