How Jewellery Is Made? Types of Skills Required

How jewellery is made? It is one of the questions, that keeps disturbing the jewellery lovers. In this article, I am going to tell you about the various steps and the types of craftsman, required to make one piece of ornament. 

Just like in the field of medical, we have numerous fields of studies and  a doctor is specialised in his field only. Similarly, In field of Gold Smiths and Silver Smiths, we have many segments of making jewellery. A craftsman is specialised in his work only.

To make any ornament, we need to melt desired quantity of metal mixed with required alloys in a crucible. And pour molten liquid in desired size of bar. 1st craftsman (Melter) performs this task.

Once we get the bar of metal, it goes to 2nd craftsman (Jewelry maker). In this stage, a craftsman gives shape of an ornament to bar. This stage is very crucial, as the 2nd craftsman makes piece of jewellery. Here the job of jewelry maker and jewelry shaper is performed.

Now the piece of  jewellery goes to the 3rd craftsman (Jewellery washer). Here the washing and cleaning of the ornament takes place. As the newly made piece is black in colour.

4th craftsman (Lapidarist) is responsible to give cuts to the jewellery, according to the actual design needed. We can do this job either by machines or by hands.

In the last stage, ornament move to the 3rd craftsman, to give final finish touch to the jewellery. if required. 

This is how it is made. Hope you get answers to your most of the questions.

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