How Chemicals can tarnish jewelry?

Chemicals can tarnish jewelry, if we do not keep proper care for it. Gold and silver are beautiful metal which may lose its luster because of the different chemicals available in the market. 
One day, one of our customer visited our store with a complaint that his sterling silver bracelet turned into complete black; which he bought few days back. He was angry and scared of being cheated. We talked to him, calmed him down and asked the matter. After some questioning, we got to know, he washed his clothes, with his bracelet on arm, which turned it to black. However later we washed it and bracelet was back to its original shine.
This was how, we discovered that chemicals can turn the silver to grayish black or complete black color. 

Precaution: Avoid wearing gold jewelry or silver jewelry, when you are going to deal with chemicals. For example, while washing clothes, washing utensils. Last but not least, Always wear your jewelry after your Make-up.



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