Cleaning Jewelry At Home With Surf Excel

Cleaning jewelry at home is an interesting task. Most of people love to do it on their own, because they consider it to be safest way. You can clean your most of the ornaments at home. You need not to visit jeweler or professional to get your ornament clean every time it loses its color. […]

Cleaning jewelry in home with baking soda?

There are several ways of Cleaning jewelry in home. Most preferred way to clean jewelry is to let jewelers wash your jewelry. Though, There are number of ways that can be very useful to clean our ornaments at home. One of the such way of cleaning jewelry in home is to use Baking Soda to clean […]

5 factors influence gold price and silver price

Rise and fall of gold and silver prices do not depend on one or two factors. There are numerous factors that affects the gold and silver prices. In my view, top 5 factors influence gold price and silver price are: Government Stability.    Foreign trade Policies. Forex Rates. Demand and Supply. Economy Factors on global […]

How fragrances are responsible to turn silver product into greyish colour?

It is one of the most common reason among youth. The main ornament that loses its color because of this reason, is Chains. Today’s youngsters love to spray deodorants or perfumes on their bodies. With the passage of time the chains may lose its color. Because repeated sprays on the chain turns it into grayish […]