Cleaning Jewelry at home | Ketchup

Cleaning Jewelry at home is an interesting job. We can clean our jewelry with many products available at home. If the silver turning black is a natural phenomenon, then it is possible to clean our silver ornament at home too. All you need is a ketchup, which is available in almost every home in these days. This method usually works best on the ornaments that has plain surface. Such as Rings, Plain Kadas, Utensils, etc.. 
The Process

  1. Take the ketchup in a small bowl.
  2. Put an ornament into the bowl, so that it is completely covered in ketchup.
  3. Keep it for some time.
  4. Rinse your jewelry with clean water and dry it.
  5. It is ready to wear.


  • If the jewelry has tooled surface, use old toothbrush on the surface.
  • Do not keep the ornament into ketchup longer than the required time.
  • Cleaning Jewelry at home can be done using many other ways.

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