How Jewellery Is Made

How Jewellery Is Made? Types of Skills Required

How jewellery is made? It is one of the questions, that keeps disturbing the jewellery lovers. In this article, I am going to tell you about the various steps and the types of craftsman, required to make one piece of ornament.  Just like in the field of medical, we have numerous fields of studies and  […]

Cleaning jewelry in home with baking soda?

Economy Factors on global level affects gold prices.

Economy Factors on global level affects gold prices in the form of global uncertainity. It includes the political and geopolitical uncertainity. Even today, political and geopolitical uncertainity remains the biggest factor driving the prices of gold. Central Bank like US Fed, The Bank of Japan, have strong impact on gold prices with their monetary policies.

White Gold And Platinum Jewelry

Differences between types of Gold

Gold, as a metal, does not have any other forms. There are different types of gold when it comes to the types of gold jewellery. Such as: White Gold. It is type of gold jewellery with alloy of gold and  at least white metal like silver or nickel with rhodium plating. The purity of white […]